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Hi! I'm Ben. I like solving problems with a combination of rigorous logic, playful creativity, and just a dash of outside-the-box brilliance.

In the world of work, I help organisations with digital and business strategy. I focus in particular on innovative solutions that deliver a measurable return on investment and drive sustainable growth over the long term. My experience includes a number of senior client-facing roles at Mercurytide, a strategic digital consultancy and development agency, and founding Lantern and Crook, a consultancy aimed at helping charities and third-sector organisations make better use of technology.

When I'm not doing that, you can usually find me reading a book, playing boardgames, taking photos, out hiking across a mountain or two, or some combination thereof.

I've recently moved to Dublin, Ireland, in pursuit of new adventures. Previously I was in Edinburgh for 10 years, during which time I ate lots of haggis, appreciated lots of single-malt whisky, and tried to hike as many mountains as possible.

If you'd like to reach out to me, please do get in touch!


Read and Find Out

Read and Find Out

I can't really talk about Read and Find Out without mentioning Wotmania. This site started life as a gathering place for fans of Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" books, but quickly built a strong and close-knit community who stuck around for all types of discussion, and for each other. Wotmania closed its doors in 2009, and I decided to build Read and Find Out to create a home for this displaced community.

Lantern and Crook

Lantern and Crook

I wanted to find a way of giving back, so in 2016 I founded Lantern and Crook in order to assist charities and other third sector organisations with digital and business strategy, helping them to make the world a better place.


I have a passion for photography, and enjoy taking my cameras on travels abroad and out hiking the wilderness. I generally tend to prefer landscape and architecture over portraits, capturing the symmetry of man-made arcs and lines on one hand, and the wild and ethereal power of nature on the other.

For digital photography I use Nikon DX - currently a D7200. However, I have been spending more time recently with an old medium format camera that used to belong to my grandfather - a Yashica Mat LM.

Scenes of Scotland

Scenes of Scotland

The North-West of Scotland is a wild and rugged place full of spectacular mountainscapes and barren moors, wide sandy beaches and ancient ruins. Scenes of Scotland is a collection of photos - some digital, some captured on medium-format film - that I've taken whilst out and exploring the Highlands, and which I think show a little of Scotland's true nature.

Nebheadian @ Instagram


If you're looking for an odd mix of photos which tend to focus on self-enclosed symmetry and shape, my instagram feed might be of interest. The odd travel photo pops up from time to time, and there's also a fair ceilings, if that's your kind of thing (#lookingup).


If you'd like to find out more about me or have any pressing questions, you can get in touch via email at ben [at] nebhead [dot] com or through any of the following sites: